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QUEEN ANNE (1665 - 1714) Queen of England and Ireland heavily influenced by the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, involved in the War of Spanish Succession, and oversaw the Act of Union with Scotland. Attractive printed broadside from the reign of Queen Anne, 1p., 13" x 17", Court at St. James, June 9, 1709. Headed with the British Coat of Arms, "By the Queen,/A Proclamation/Anne R." ,1709". According to this proclamation, an act passed in Parliament "Begun and holden at Westminster on the Sixteenth of November last, for the Speedy and Effectual Recruiting Our Land-forces and Marines for the Service" for 1709 ordered that "such Able-bodied Men as do not follow or exercise any Lawful Calling or Employment, or have not some other Lawful and Sufficient Support and Maintenance, to serve as Soldiers". It also states that "there is a proviso, That when We shall be Satisfied by the Returns of the Commissioners or otherwise, That a sufficient Number of Recruits in the Whole shall be Raised for Our present Service, We may, by Our Royal Proclamation Issued forth for this purpose, Suspend and Stop the further Execution of the said Act...And whereas by the Informations We have Received from Our Secretary at War...We are Satisfied that a sufficient Number of Recruits in the Whole have been Raised for Our Present Service, and...Issue forth this Our Royal Proclamation, hereby Notifying and Declaring Our Royal Will and Pleasure is, That all further Execution of the said Act, as to the Impressing any more Soldiers into our Service, be Stopt and Suspended". In 1701, King Charles II of Spain died without leaving any children. The eldest grandson of King Louis XIV of France, Philippe, was also a grandson of a sister of Charles II, and he succeeded to the Spanish throne as King Philip V. In 1702, war began between France and Spain and an alliance of England, Holland, Portugal and other countries who feared France and Spain eventually being united under one ruler. This was the beginning of the War of the Spanish Successio, which, in the English colonies, became known as Queen Anne's War. The war ended by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Tears at blank left edge of mid-horizontal fold. Folds and light creases do not materially affect its appearance. Overall very good.
Estimate $ 400-500

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