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Sale 38 Lot 984

A fine archive of Nazi Germany's Knight's Cross winners, the majority of whom were Wehrmacht field officers, collected during the 1980's. Included are 88 signed photographs, 5 additional unsigned photographs, 40 T.L.S.'s and 21 A.L.S.'s, in German and English. The lot reveals a mix of regret, embattled pride, distaste for war, and even a staunch anti-communism one would expect from West Germans in an age when the Berlin Wall still stood as a physical and ideological barrier. Includes: BURGHARDT VON SALDERN-WILSNACK S.P., T.L.S., 1p., 4to, Hohenschaftlarn, February 19, 1983, in German, in part: " help you see what hides behind such a photo, I include my military career (in brief). Also note that I had the dubious pleasure of residing for about 10 years in Soviet captivity. The Soviet communists were particularly disturbed by my aristocratic origin, award for high bravery, and my belonging to a particularly good Panzergrenadier Division of the German Wehrmacht...". ERICH SCHLEMMINGER, S.P., T.L.S., 1p., 4to., Kassel-Hilhelm, March 29, 1983, in German, discussing the Knight's Cross. In part: "...We have fulfilled our duty as many other German front-line soldiers, just as soldiers in all armies. In this award we feel closely connected with all front-line soldiers...". ERICH REHM, S.P., T.L.S., 1p., oblong 8vo, Jung-Stilling-Strasse, September 9, 1984, wanting the German Army to be given more respect. In part: "...I am extremely pleased that an American has such an interest in the Fatherland and in the heroic German Wehrmacht of World War II, it deserves respect...". WERNER RODE S.P., T.L.S., 1p., 4to., Bovermannstrasse, April 26, 1984, in English, both lamenting and defending German military action. In part: "...I am not so proud to have earned the Knights Cross. I got it for the brave fighting of my company-comrades in 1941, when Mister Stalin built up his line along the river Dnepr and we conquered the very important bridge. We thought, it would be good for the whole world, than he had killed more than 39 millions of Russian inhabitants. The German soldiers made the acknowledgement of communist rulership and it was the reason of our resistance against the allied forces. It is true, we did not know, what happened behind us since 1942 with Jewish people...". HEINZ HERMANN REMMERT, T.L.S., 1p., 4to., Gevelsberg, Sept. 10, 1983, in German, on what the award is worth. In part: "...If you have a high award from the war to bring home it is only because you were allowed to survive. As a believing Christian I am convinced that my so-called 'Soldier's Luck' is the undeserved grace of God. This I can boast of, but not really the award...". Additional full-uniform with Knight's Cross S.P.'s of Wehrmacht officers include: KARL ZIEGLER, Major in Jager-Regiment 207, HUGO RITTER, Major in Grenadier-Regiment 529, GUTNER STETTIN, Major in Panzer-Battalion 92, RUDOLF SAUERBREI, Hauptmann in Grenadier-Regiment 405, WILLY ZELLER, Lieutenant in Grenadier Regiment 380, CLEMENS SOMMER, Major in Panzer-Grenadier Regiment, RUDOLF SMOLLICH, Obersleutnant in Division Fusilier Battalion 168, FRIEDRICH RASS, Hauptmann in Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 11, ERICH REUTER, Oberstleutnant in Infantry Regiment 122, SIEGRIED SCHMOLL, Reserve Lieutenant in Grenadier Regiment 217, MATTHAIS ROTH, Oberleutnant in Grenadier Regiment 105, EDUARD RADOWSKI, Obersleutnant in Panzer J. Abt. 53, HEINRICH VOLKER, Hauptmann in Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 73, PETER VEESER, Oberfeldwebel in infantry Regiment 125, JACOB RINGHOF, Hauptmann in Division Fusilier Battalion 125, and others. Lot includes transmittal envelopes in many cases. Photographs fine, letters have moderate folds else very good to fine. A unique perspective on Nazi Germany!
Estimate $ 1,500-2,000

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