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JURGEN STROOP (1895 - 1952) SS and Police Leader of the Poland-Warsaw area. It was Stroop who, during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943, ordered its suppression costing the lives of tens of thousands. As his forces were forced back by heavy resistance, he ordered the entire ghetto burned down, building by building, and the killing or deportation to extermination camps of all of its inhabitants. Afterwards, in an elaborately prepared report to Himmler, now referred to as "The Stroop Report", he boasted that "the Warsaw Ghetto is no more". This report would later be used as evidence at the Nuremberg Trials. Tried and executed by the Poles in 1952. Extraordinary D.S. with his rare early signature "Josef Stroop", 1p. oblong 8vo., Hamburg, Aug. 19, 1936, Stroop's receipt for his SS Totenkopf ring! On this partly-printed document, Stroop certifies that he has received the ring from Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler and agrees that in the case of his retirement or dismissal from the SS, he will return the ring to the SS administration. Stroop boldly signs at bottom, noting his rank and SS number: "SS Obersturmbannfuhrer 44611" and his posting as "Führer 28 SS". Two file holes at left, else very good. The SS "Honour Ring" was initially presented to senior officers of the Old Guard (of which there were fewer than 5,000) who had displayed extraordinary valor and leadership skill in battle. An additional requirement was a clean disciplinary record, and a subsequent blemish on it would require the wearer to return the ring. By 1939, disciplinary issues aside, it was available to any officer with three years' service in the SS, and in World War II virtually the entire SS leadership, including the Waffen-SS and Gestapo, had the ring.
Estimate $ 2,000-3,000

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