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(1911 - ca. 1980) Nazi "doctor" who plied his trade at Auschwitz, he was the most brutal and detestable of all the camp doctors. It was Mengele's decision as to whether camp inmates would be used as forced labor or sent directly to the gas chambers, and he as well performed hideous experiments on inmates, especially twins. After the war, Mengele fled to Argentina where he avoided capture until his death. Excessively rare and important war-date A.LS. to his wife signed with his pet name "Butz", also signed "J. Mengele" with rank, and "Mengele" in the address area, "Auschwitz O/S K[onzentration] L[ager], SS Precinct", bearing SS Feldpost handstamp and Auschwitz postal cancel dated Dec. 1, 1944, seven weeks before Auschwitz would be abandoned in the face of the advancing Russian forces. The murderous doctor writes, in part: "...I had to wait since there was a chance I might redeploy! I asked Frocker to talk to Wittens because I wanted him to intervene on my behalf during the conference with Lolling in Berlin. I wanted to get permission to return to a combat unit. He supposedly did what he had promised he would do but he was not successful. Therefore, I don't think I'll be leaving soon, at least not until spring. However, we could use the remaining months to live together as a family...let me know quickly what you want to do...I also think that your parents will have to leave soon. They'll probably go to Gunzburg...This time I want you to decide freely. If you decide against it, I promise I won't make any 'trouble'...I can deal with these problems now better...You know that I love you very, very much, and you know that I'm looking forward to our 'imaginary' reunion. My lovely, dear darling, many kisses...". Fine condition. SS-Standartenfuhrer Dr. Enno Lolling (1888-1945) was supervisor of all concentration camp doctors and a notorious killer himself, getting his first "education" at Dachau and later collecting human skin from all of the concentration camps for his own personal study. He committed suicide ay war's end. Mengele's reasons for seeking transfer to a combat unit are unknown, and intriguing - perhaps he foresaw the collapse of the Third Reich and sought a method in which he could hide his identity. Incredibly ironic content from one of history's most horrendous mass-murderers.
Estimate $ 12,000-15,000

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