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EVIDENCE THAT RUBY ACTED IMPULSIVELY?An important group of items that Jack Ruby's defense attorney Melvin Belli and journalist William Woodfield relied on to help make the case that Ruby had killed Lee Harvey Oswald driven by an "irresistible impulse" to commit the act. Included is the defense team's copies of Ruby's Western Union Money Order Receipt, issued in Dallas on Nov. 24, 1963, showing receipt of $25.00, Ruby's handwritten request that $25.00 be sent to "Karen Bennet" (A/K/A "Lttle Linn," a stripper in his employ), date-stamped "63 NOV 24 11:17", and a telegram sent by Ruby or Western Union, to Bennet or the receiving office: "TWENTY FIVE (25) CASH KAREN BENNET WILL CALL FORT WORTH TEXAS JACK RUBY". We understand that it was the defense team's investigator, John Denson, who discovered this crucial evidence. Accompanying these copies are two folio pages of holograph notes by Woodfield analyzing the meaning of the wiring of the funds in the context of Ruby's actions. In part: "RUBY DID NOT PLAN TO KILL OSWALD 3 minutes before the shooting of Oswald Ruby was a block and a half away at a Western Union Telegraph office. Evidence: time stamp 11:17 AM & testimony Dec. 22 bond hearing of W.U. clerk...Ruby had no way of knowing time Oswald was to be moved since the chief of police was waiting to complete their arrangements...Had the chief moved Oswald at the announced time, Oswald would not have been killed...Ruby was in his own apartment at the time...There is no evidence J.R. told anyone he was thinking of killing Oswald...other than Capt. Fritz who testified under oath that J.R. told him on Friday night he was going to shoot Oswald. If so, Capt. Fritz was more than derelict in not preventing J.R....especially when we consider J.R. was armed and within range of Oswald...when he made the threat...Ruby is a man of quick and sudden evidence of his impulsive action is the Oswald shooting itself...with Oswald before him for less than 10 seconds, he stepped forward and shot him...the wire was stamped at 11:17 AM...that was a full hour & 17 minutes after Oswald was supposed to be moved...Ruby...unexpectedly - was confronted by Oswald, whom he shot. Careful examination of the chronology & the telegram proves this could not have been a planned act...". Very good. According to Woodfield's widow, the consignor of this material, both Woodfield and Belli agreed that they would not participate in Ruby's defense if any evidence of a conspiracy became apparent. It was the discovery of the Western Union materials that convinced both that Ruby acted alone, and that he acted under an "irresistible impulse".
Estimate $ 800-1,200

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