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Fascinating set of notes made by journalist William Woodfield during and immediately after one of the first meetings (if not the very first) of Jack Ruby's defense attorneys including Melvin Belli, Joseph Tonahill and Woodfield who attended as part of his research on his piece, Ruby's "My Story". The first set of notes appears on five pages of yellow legal pad sheets, written in two different hands, apparently penned at the time of the meeting. Most of the notes concern the insanity defense and how it may apply to Ruby's case. In part: "...Did def. have crim. intent and ability to judge R[ight] & W[rong] of act...mental ability at time of commission to discriminate right from W...No person can be punished for a crime done in a state of insanity...An insane person cannot commit a felony...presumption is all men are sane: Def. must establish his own insanity. But he must not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt - only a reponderance...Killing a public the act of a hostile environment...any person acting under authority or enlisted in the services of any gov't at war with the U.S....if the whole evidence...does not include beyond res. doubt the hypothesis of insanity, of which proof is ordered, the accused is entitled to acquittal...Dr. Ray Schaffer - Ruby has brain damage Psycho motor epilepsy = impulsivenes...". Also included are three folio-sized pages of notes made by Woodfield after the meeting with his additional impressions, some of which are intended for publication. In part: "...[Prosecutor Henry Wade] divulging his evidence prior to trail.. His only punishment was being called before the Dallas bar. Ruby's impulsive act may cost him his life...Policeman at Elbow Test...a courtroom gambit...ask defense psychiatrist if the irresistible impulse would have occurred with a policeman at the elbow of the defendant...many irresistible impulse defenses have collapsed [as a result]...Irresistible: No freedom of choice!...Wasn't Ruby's impulse to kill Oswald perhaps irresistible for the simple reason that in his highly emotional, pained state...he did not have enough time to resist it?...Texas Death Penalty 1960 - Calif 9 Texas 8 (Compare with population) Most were members of minority groups) Electrocution...Ties between the Judge & Tom Howard...". An additional single page of notes in Woodfield's hand lists items related to Ruby's physical condition, including "Preludin", a powerful diet pill that acted more like "speed", and: "CRD tablets...What food did he bring to Eva's?..Dog's name What answer to Wade's insanity Q?...Little Linn Karen Benett [adds her address] Wrked for Ruby 2 or 3 mnths as stripper. State Police...regards her as psycho...". A fourth set of holograph notes, 3pp. 4to., ca. Nov. 23, 1963 is written in an unknown hand and concerns the philosophy of the death penalty. In part: "...we as a nation demand the death penalty...our inability to prevent ourselves from carrying out an act which we know is wrong, insane, criminal, but because of the persistence of inner we will kill a man whose crime is - when we have killed him - identical with our own...when we kill Oswald we commit the same crime he does...the killing of Oswald prevents us from understanding the impulse to murder...we suffer the same illness...We love to kill - it is easier than thinking...". Fascinating content!
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