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Sale 38 Lot 455

BLACK LEGISLATORS ARE THROWN OUT OF GEORGIA LEGISLATURE Dramatic A.Ms. (partial), 5pp. 4to., [Milledgeville, Ga., ca. 1868] in pencil, in which Georgia State legislator Dunlap Scott of Floyd Co., (who is no doubt the author of this text), initiates a "motion for expulsion" whereby all black legislators were to be officially expelled from the state legislature. This document appears to constitute the actual text that Scott read from on the Senate floor, as it is hand-written in pencil and contains a number of additions and amendments in the same hand. Scott's main points are shockingly laid out in what has to be one of the most racist speeches ever given before a legislative body. In part: "...Standing today upon ground hallowed by the blood of the brave, treading upon soil where sleeps the hero dead and the eyes of the living anxiously fixed upon us...I say to you, Representatives of Georgia ...The Constitution framed by our fathers, and which we, as representatives of Georgia, have sworn to support, recognizes the Anglo-Saxon race, the White man, to be the sovereign of this country. That is the question to be decided by us today... this government...under whose blessings we have lived, under whose influences we have grown to be perhaps the most powerful of the nations of the earth, was framed and formed by the Anglo-Saxon race. ...It has ever been conceded that the white race- the Anglo-Saxon blood was the superior. But revolution and fanaticism have the consideration of our countrymen a question which our ancestors never anticipated. That question, sir, is whether or not this is [to be] a mongrel government?. ...Let us reason the graves of your buried heroes, be true to the state of your birth, to the state of your adoption, be true to your oaths, and maintain the Constitution of your country ...That sir, is all I desire to do. God knows I pity from the bottom of my heart the poor deluded race who are represented here today by those members whose seats are now contested. They are ignorant. They are, to a great degree without their fault, depraved. They are a servile race, subordinate thus far to the White Anglo-Saxon race, the race that made America what it is. They are not educated, and in this connection I will venture to say that the majority of these colored members who today occupy seats on this floor can neither read or write...". In the next few years, Southern whites would reassert their political power, disenfranchising Southern blacks in the process. Scott served in the legislature from 1868 to 1874, when he died . Very good.
Estimate $ 400-600

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