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Sale 38 Lot 489

(1857 GOLD MINING LETTER) A great California gold mining A.L.S. by "Lyman Faxon", 3pp. folio, Murphy's Camp, [California], Dec. 27, 1857 detailing his hard life as a gold miner and of rough politics in California. In part: "...From this place to San Francisco 250 [is] miles. I am in the Southern mines near the Southern part of the state at the foot of the Sierra Nevada's. The climate is one of the finest in the world. At present I am mining have got just as good a claim as there is. I am waiting for water now by the looks of the sky there should be a plenty and some to spare generally get up between 4 and 5 in the morning, cook breakfast and as soon as it is light enough [I] start for the claim which is a mile and a half away [and] work until noon and eat a cold dinner for miners are burdened with his sacks and work till dark and then come home, get supper and eat it take a smoke and go to bed. While we are waiting for water we are sinking shafts to prospect the claim. Before I struck this claim I was up in the mountain sinking. There was four of us, two working day time and two at night. I was o the night watch it was soggy working for it was cold. We used to work from 6 to 6 then go to bed and sleep till noon, get up and eat then go and chop two or three cords of wood t burn by the shaft at night. We slept on the ground it rained most of the time so we made a tent of the blankets and cut a ditch round the inside to keep the water from running under us as we slept we got down about 70 feet and struck ledge and then we drifted about 15 feet and quit. Our shaft was scant 3 feet on the bottom and some of it so hard that we would not sink it more than 3 or 4 inches in a day and night. We had to blast out the bottom of it as it got so hard we could neither pock it nor gad it uppity was gravel stuck tight together we quit it two or three weeks ago never got a cent out of it cost us about $550. In the spring we will go up and sink another one...There is about the usual amount of money here all the time it all depends on what amt. of dust is taken out of the claims in the vicinity. As for politics I don't trouble them for I have something better to attend to as usual the democratic ticket was elected. Nothing else can be elected in this state and they always elect the meanest men in the country. The representative to Sacramento from this place has killed 4 or 5 men right round here and is an infernal scoundrel there was a fight down town last night in which one man had his ear bit off clean and several had their eyes blackened...". Light staining throughout, some minor tears, overall good.
Estimate $ 250-350

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