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Sale 45 Lot 3

A fine and complete collection of 27 items signed by all of the German field marshals and grand admirals of World War II, largely signed photos and war-date documents. Includes: WERNER VON BLOMBERG D.S. 1p. legal folio., Berlin, Dec. 21, 1935, an award given to Rudolf Bernd; HERMANN GORING D.S. 1p. legal folio, Berlin, Dec. 11, 1942, to Gauleiter Joseph Terboven in Oslo ordering that his food district come under the control of the Reich Defense Commissioner. Countersigned by WILHELM FRICK; FEDOR VON BOCK S.P. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" b/w; WALTHER VON BRAUTSCHISCH S.P. 9" x 6" signed on the paper mount; ALBERT KESSELRING S.P. 4" x 6" b/w; GUNTHER VON KLUGE T.L.S. 1p. legal folio, Munster, Nov. 22, 1937; WILHELM RITTER VON LEEB S.P. 3" x 5" b/w; WILHELM LIST S.P. 4" x 6" b/w; ERHARD MILCH D.S. 1p. legal folio, Berlin, Nov. 27, 1935; HUGO SPERRLE A.L.S. 2pp. 4to. [n.p.] Feb. 14, 1945 in German noting receipt of a "lovely letter" from Hitler; WALTHER VON REICHENAU S.P. 3" x 5" b/w; GERD VON RUNDSTEDT D.S. 3pp. 4to., [Paris] Oct. 5, 1943 recommending the German Cross in Silver for Gen. Rene Eberle, countersigned by RUDOLF SCHMETZER and BODEWIN KEITEL; ERWIN VON WITZLEBEN T.L.S. 1p. 8vo., "A. H. Qu." Nov. 4, 1939 to Adm. Erich Raeder thanking him for his note of congratulations on his promotion; EDUARD FREIHERR VON BÖHM-ERMOLLI S.P. 3" x 5" b/w; ERWIN ROMMEL S.P. 3" x 5" b/w; GEORG VON KÜCHLER D.S. 1p. 8vo., "H. Qu." Jan. 30, 1944 awarding a war cross, 2nd class with swords; ERICH VON MANSTEIN D.S. 6pp. legal folio, awarding the German Cross in Silver to Lt. Col. Franz von Gaertner. Countersigned by three other generals including HANS HUBE, ERNST-EBERHARD HELL and BODEWIN KEITEL; ERNST BUSCH 5" x 7" b/w; EWALD VON KLEIST 1p. 8vo., Einsatzort, Sept. 15, 1941 awarding a war cross 2nd class with swords; MAXIMILLIAN VON WEICHS S.P. 3" x 5" b/w; WOLFRAM FREIHERR VON RICHTHOFEN D.S. 1p. 8vo., "Im Felde" May 3, 1941 awarding the Iron Cross 2nd Class; WALTER MODEL Fine content T.L.S. 2pp. 4to., Dresden, Dec. 2, 1943 in German to Georg Buntrock on the Eastern Front: "...Naturally, I am particularly interested in the evolving position of your enemy. If possible, please request General Harpe for permission to send me via courier your enemy position report with a description of the evens in the space around Gomel and the southwest and west of Kritschev. It is to be hoped that your well-proven sixth sense will provide the basis for appropriate countermeasures in this instance as well. The problem will always remain: how can one best prevent or counter penetration or breaches of formal fronts, that is, thinly manned sections. It simply is not possible without reserves. Thus, it is hoped that they were able to give you back in a timely manner that which had to be used at other hot spots. The fewer reserves one has, the more important is your visionary eye!... "; FERDINAND SCHÖRNER T.L.S. 1p. 4to., Southern Ukraine, May 1, 1944 in German to Johannes Freissner commanding the Narwa Army Group: "...During my stay at the Furher's Headquarters, I have been able to follow your hard but successful fight on a daily basis. You should not envy me for my position here from the Crimea to the Carpathians. In addition, there is the coalition war and, that, above all, is in the Balkans. But, of course, we will somehow get these things taken care of. I have met only a rolling avalanche here, against which resistance is not easy. Several decisions, for example, the Crimean matter will most likely only be appreciated at a later date... "; ROBERT RITTER VON GREIM D.S. 1p. 8vo., Luftwaffe Kommado Hauptquartier, Jan. 30, 1943; ERICH RAEDER S.P. 4 1/2" x 5 3/4" b/w waist up portrait of the admiral holding his marshal's baton, signature light but legible; KARL DONITZ D.S. 1p. 4to., [n.p.] Mar. 4, 1978, a typed facsimile of the German Instrument of Surrender signed at Rheims, May 7, 1945. Overall fine condition, together, 27 pieces.
Estimate $ 10,000-15,000

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