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(1911 - ca. 1980) Nazi "doctor" who plied his trade at Auschwitz, he was the most brutal and detestable of all the camp doctors. It was Mengele's decision as to whether camp inmates would be used as forced labor or sent directly to the gas chambers, and he as well performed hideous experiments on inmates, especially twins. After the war, Mengele fled to Argentina where he avoided capture until his death. Historic content handwritten political and personal manifesto, a stream-of-consciousness ramble offering an incredible view into the mind of an obviously unrepentant and quite insane murderer still on the run fifteen years after escaping his crimes in collapsing Nazi Germany. These thoughts and observations are written in a child's bound 6 1/4" x 8 1/4" composition notebook ironically titled in Spanish print: "Illustrated Zoology", and which occupy fully every one of the 180 pages contained therein. Only the very first page bears a date, that being June 10, 1960, so it is impossible to determine over how long a period Mengele composed this work. Interspersed with his lengthy diatribes on eugenics, political theory and the superiority of the German race are routine references to his childhood, the local flora and fauna in the area, and other more mundane subjects. What particularly strikes us how easily Mengele is able to jump from an urgent plea that civilization undertake the "extermination" of genetically "inferior" "morons", to a child-like description of his first sighting of a monkey in the wild. This unbelievable manuscript reads, in very small part: "…I arrived in this house exactly a year ago. However, this anniversary gave me no reason to celebrate…I was solely responsible for my decisions. I hope that people close to me show some patience, and I hope they don't endanger things…the novel Dr. Zhivago, by Boris Pasternak, is a good read...Beauty is a primary force of selection…There's no 'good' or 'bad' in nature. There's only 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate'...The 'inappropriate' elements are kept from reproducing…There are no racial differences here to be found…It's a ploy to separate mankind from his or her biological existence…What is 'good' is built out of many different fundamentals, which are all elements of the immortal soul. Maybe these values aren't limited to our 'human existence.' Think about loyalty! It's a result of breeding, as for example in dogs, man's oldest companion. But you cannot breed qualities that weren't there all along!!...We cannot accept how our 'natural, Germanic' religion is being misrepresented. Our Germanic religion was directly connected to nature in which human beings feel logically at home…The youth movement honored the traditions of our ancestors while remembering our primary cultural values. We had to remember our inner strength, and this was of utmost importance after World War I and the shameful peace that followed. This burden was designed to keep our people in a constant condition of decay. We had to find the deepest sources of German strength to make our restoration possible. We could not expect other people to help us, and we couldn't rely on religion…What has the Catholic Church done to amend or get rid of the absurd Treaty of Versailles? They had a chance to influence the synods of the Protestant Churches, which make up two thirds of the German people. The new strength had to come from the Germans themselves, and this is exactly where it came from. The youth movement laid the spiritual foundation for the national uprising that was to follow World War I. Later on, the youth movement became part of the great political organization, the Hitlerjugend…We had to liberate Germanic history from Roman and Catholic influences. ..We were ready for another attempt to change the empire's shameful history. In the end, this heroic way of life prevailed, and ten years later all of Germany embraced it…it was my responsibility to organize the solstice events.... Mengele then sets forth a long description of a summer solstice celebration he had helped organize as a youth, which included a huge bonfire. He notes: "We wanted them to join us in our holy struggle to throw of the handcuffs that the Treaty of Versailles had put upon us. The fire was to liberate you from the petty thoughts of egotism. The fire was there to give light on our path and to keep us warm, just like the love for our people and their superior culture…]. He continues: "…Yesterday an old cow got stuck in the mud, and it was quite difficult to get her out. After I gave her something to eat and drink because she's too old to get up by herself, I went on one of my trips…British rule in India wasn't that bad…The casts are gone, and everything turns into a gooey mass. This new society can be ruled easily through Bolshevik doctrine and ideology… Brahmans are built nicely; some of them even have blue eyes…And this is because Brahmans used the highest cast to preserve their noble blood. They are the descendants of Nordic peoples who once conquered and ruled India…They have managed to protect their racial traits through thousands of years…This cannot be achieved by mixing the highest with the lowest class. It can only be done by selecting the best. I don't think I'll have to explain how incredibly difficult this will be…Books and education can foster existing qualities, but they cannot produce them…It's possible to experience the annihilation of a ruling class through violence…We see a new ruling class emerging, and we see a society developing new layers. This is what happens in a society without classes…and results from selection according to 'performance.' A process was set into motion based on the simple and fundamental truth that human beings are not equal. Human beings were traditionally organized in classes, which was a vertical system. Now we have a system that organizes them in layers, which results in a vertical structure. Things used to be fluid and in motion; now they're rigid and stationary…The class system remains intact as long as the ruling class remains strong in substance and numbers. The decay begins whenever the ruling class has fewer children, while the lower classes of have-nots reproduce in unlimited numbers…A lower class has always existed, and it was the sphere where lazy and bad people roamed…At the same time, the traditional order had been dissolved and classes formed that defined themselves through material possessions. It was most decisive that lower classes grew and grew. They fought a series of revolutions and succeeded in abolishing everybody's rights…he can marry whoever he wishes to marry…I cannot fathom living in a society without classes, as it has been created by the lowest class…mankind is doomed even without war…If we fail to make these changes and if we cannot produce enough creative scientists, we face the possibility that the day will come when life cannot be sustained for billions of people…the ratio between 'intelligentsia' and the rest of humanity will be totally off. Our life will have become so much more difficult, and we will need so much more 'intelligentsia' to operate this complicated mechanism…unskilled workers have more children than highly trained workers do…We will need an army of chemists, physics, biologists, doctors, mathematicians, engineers and administrators to master this giant energy problem that is coming…They want to stem the future absence of the 'intelligentsia' by educating and promoting the lowest classes…However, there's no school on this planet that will turn a moron or some other simpleton into a gifted human being. You can promote natural tendencies that are already genetically present, but nobody can create intelligence or higher abilities…A highly gifted man almost never appear from a mediocre background. If he does have a lower background…he has to be a genius…this rare occurrence might be explained through genetic mutation…The [English] colonial adventure sucked all gifted life out of England and what remained on the island was just enough for a few historians who adored ancient Greece, and for a handful of social scientists and a few comedians…North America has not contributed anything worth mentioning…artistic and cultural achievements are sinking to the bottom…We now have to mobilize higher human abilities again, and we have to make sure that nature's suspended eradication will continue through human arrangements…These arrangements will do nature's work. If we don't want the physically or mentally disabled left to their natural fate, and if we want them to be a burden on society, we should at least be ethical enough to make sure that their inferior genes aren't passed on...The real problem is to define when human life is worth living and when it has to be eradicated. The age of technology has created new conditions. (Idiots can get jobs in factories, and they can now make a living raising a family by moving sheet metal strips around and punching buttons.) They want a higher birthrate and to promote families with many children. They actually make sure that an idiot with many kids gets a continuous pay raise...The feeble minded person ('village idiot') was separated from farmers because of his social status and low income. This separation is no longer the case in the age of technology. He is now on the same level with the farmer's son who went into the city…we know that selection rules all nature by choosing and exterminating. This is how individuals remain in shape to cope with life. There's no reason to believe that it works differently for human beings...Those who were unfit had to accept the rule of more accomplished human beings, or they were pushed out or exterminated. Weaker humans were excluded from reproducing…This is the only way for human beings to exist and to maintain themselves…Everything will end in a catastrophe if natural selection is altered to the point that the gifted people are overwhelmed by billions of morons…Some people will survive, like reptiles survived; the rest will die, just like the dinosaurs did. They will have killed themselves with their own stupidity…we have to prevent the rise of the idiot masses. This goal isn't new at all, and some countries started implementing political measures to reach this goal. They were stopped for political and ideological reasons; even though they showed promising results…The law to prevent genetically deficient offspring has to be reinstated. However, the law will lose its edge if marriages with only one genetically sufficient partner are legal…There has to be a mandatory certificate for all citizens stating that they're fit for marriage…Merchants have to make fewer profits and support producers…Abandon feminist ideology; biology doesn't support equal rights…Women shouldn't be working in higher positions. Women's work has to depend on fulfilling a biological quota…Birth control can be done by sterilizing those with deficient genes. Those with good genes will be sterilized when the number of 5 children has been reached…As a child, I was repelled by the smell of incense. It made me quite often nauseated, and I often had to throw up. The incense was always present when we went to church, especially when a requiem was held for my grandparents. These events are not just a "beloved childhood memory" to me: ""Every time I threw up my entire breakfast afterwards…I almost never made it out of church on time. I was scolded, and afterwards I had to go to school on an empty stomach…". Much more extraordinary content including Mengele's opinions on the fine arts contributions and shortfalls of various European nations, his prophesy of world starvation by the year 2000, and constant fears of a loss of "intelligentsia" due to indiscriminate reproduction and dilution of the population due to the high birth rates of the "lower classes", all interspersed with careful descriptions of colorful monkeys, caimans and birds he has viewed while walking in the forest. A fascinating and revealing trip into madness. With full translation.
Estimate $ 60,000-80,000

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