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JAMES E. CARTER(b. 1924) Thirty-ninth President of the United States who engineered a break-through in Arab-Israeli relations. Historic content T.L.S. "Jimmy" as President on White House letterhead, 3pp. 4to., Washington, May 9, 1979 to two-term Oklahoma Sen. Henry Bellmon. In small part: "...After more than six years of negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union, we have essentially completed our work on a new SALT agreement. President Brezhnev and I have therefore decided to schedule a summit meeting...we will confirm the agreement and sign the SALT II Treaty and Protocol...The Treaty will then be submitted to the Senate for ratification...The American people have no more deeply felt wish than to reduce the risk of nuclear war. The Treaty is the culmination of the work of three Administrations...bringing the nuclear arms race under sensible control...[SALT II] establishes for the first time the principle of equal numbers of strategic systems, both overall limits and limits as applied to particular kinds of systems...The SALT II Treaty is not a substitute for a strong defense...[it] preserve[s] our right to pursue all of the defense programs we have planned or may will make our efforts more certain and less costly...SALT II will not end the political competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. But without the Treaty, each crisis...will take on an...added dimension of an atmosphere of unbridled strategic competition...the Treaty itself is verifiable...we have the capability to detect any significant Soviet violation of its terms...the United States is more secure with this Treaty than without it...SALT II will reduce the danger of nuclear war...this [is] important toward greater American security and world peace...". Light folds, a one-word docket on first page, fine condition. On June 18, 1979 Carter and Brezhnev signed various parts of the treaty in Vienna. SALT II was the first nuclear arms treaty which assumed real reductions in strategic forces to 2,250 of all categories of delivery vehicles on both sides. SALT II also helped the U.S. to discourage the Soviets not to arm their third generation ICBMs of SS-17, SS-19 and SS-18 types with MIRVs. Six months after the signing, the Soviet Union deployed troops to Afghanistan, and in September of the same year some senators unexpectedly discovered the so-called "Soviet brigade" on Cuba. As such, the treaty was never ratified by the Senate. Its terms were, nonetheless, honored by both sides until 1986 when the Reagan Administration withdrew from SALT II after accusing the Soviets of violating the pact.
Estimate $ 2,500-3,500

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