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Historically-important original typescript, 178pp. legal folio, Wiesbaden, June 12, 1945 (and later), in German, being Adolf Hitler's medical record as compiled by his physician, Dr. Erwin Giesing, while interned by American forces. This is Giesing's original report, likely compiled for his American interrogators, and it bears multiple corrections and additions throughout, some in German and some in english. Written as a narrative, it commences on July 20, 1944, following the explosion of von Stauffenburg's bomb at the Wolf's Lair in Prussia. Giesing was in Rastenburg where his associates were treating some of the injured at the hospital thereat. The following day Giesing, an ear specialist, was also ordered to the Fuhrerheadquarters to attend to Hitler who presented bleeding ears and complained of great pain. Travelling with Dr. Karl Brandt, Giesing relates his meeting with and initial treatment of the wounded dictator: "...He gave me his right hand and his left hand was within his jacket...'Tonight I noticed there is bleeding from my right ear...Dr. Morell gave me phanodoron'...the treatment of the eardrum rupture is the same as always - treat the middle ear...Hitler's face was pale and swollen, bags under his eyes and the eyes did not make the fascinating impression often talked about...I noticed his dry, cracked lips, his hair graying...his speech was unnaturally loud and a little bit screaming, and later he was hoarse...his right hand remained in his coat...'If the beam had been ten centimeters further back, it would have crushed me...I heard two seperate explosions...Maybe Stauffenberg had two bombs...Keitel and Warlimont brought me the pants were very torn-up...I looked like a Moor...I hear nothing in my right ear...". Giesing continued to treat Hitler, even until the final retreat to the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, and he reports all events in the interim. Hitler's delusional thoughts and rants become apparent as he discusses how his Luftwaffe will "clean the skies of these air criminals"(Allied bombers). He adds: "...they sent me from Berlin this coward Stauffenberg. If he would have had the guts, he would have stayed with his briefcase next to me...the bullet that killed him was a waste...I feel best in my bunker. It is nice and cold, and fresh air is pumped in...I can work at peace here and nobody is going to bother me...Jodl and Keitel are smoking far too much and they eat far too much Boss I am the only vegetarian, non-smoker and non-drinker...let them gorge themselves on meat, smoking and drinking - maybe one of them will become a little Bismarck! only opponent is Stalin, who is almost on the same level as I am...Bolshevism will lose against Nationalism, and I will crush East Asia...Churchill and Roosevelt are neither politically nor militarily a factor. England will break-up...America will take whatever is left and wipe the English empire from history...I will be the one who tips the scale between the Russians and the Anglo-Americans...the problem of smashing atoms has been resolved and we can use this energy for arms...this is a weapon of the future...If the war ends badly for us, then we must all perish, and I will be at the front of my troops and die...". Giesing discusses a multitude of important and revealing items: Hitler awarding wound badges for the bombing, but denying one to Julius Schaub who feigned deafness but wasn't even in the room; Hitler's stomach issues, administration of cocaine solutions and Hitler's satisfaction with them; injections of various "heart and liver extracts" by Dr. Morell, discussion of hanging of bomb plot generals vs. shooting, Hitler pardoning female Dutch spies, the trembling of Hitler's right hand (attributed by many to Parkinson's), treatment of Hitler's sinuses with inhalation of powdered cocaine, liver and stomach ailments due to an accumulation of strychnine from "anti-gas" pills and resulting jaundice, Morrell seeking to monopolize Hitler's medical care, light sensitivity, spying a loaded revolver on Hitler's nightstand, and Hitler, very late, signing awards for golden Close Combat awards and Oak Leaves. The tops of the last twenty or so pages are "stuck" to each other due to dampness but could likely be steamed apart, some curling at page margins, else very good. There is an incredible wealth on information in this report, which for non-German speakers should be translated. Sold with three original drawing in graphite, colored pencil and ink, each 1p. oblong legal folio, all apparently prepared at the same time as Giesing's report, all showing various images of structures at the Wolf's Lair at Rastenburg. The first, in ink and colored pencil, is an aerial view of the Wolf's Lair showing the Fuhrerbunker, quarters for Jodl, Goring, Keitel, Morell, and others, the Conference building (site of the bombing), cinema, garage, tea house, sauna, gates, etc. The second drawing is a detailed view of the Fuhrerbunker and Conference Building showing various offices, the meeting room, roads, fences, etc. The third drawing shows in turn detail of the Fuhrerbunker itself, showing living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. Some substantial marginal chips, else very good.
Estimate $ 1,500-2,000

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